Naicqueño reflects on Pope Francis’ message

Isa ang taga-Naic na si Drex Legaspi sa mga opisyal na kinatawan ng Diyosesis ng Imus sa ginanap na “Encounter with the Families” ni Pope Francis sa MOA Arena noong Enero 16, 2015. Matutunghayan ang kopya ng kanyang pagninilay sa naturang gawain.

Tagpo sa isinagawang "Encounter with the Families" ni Pope Francis sa MOA Arena.

Tagpo sa isinagawang “Encounter with the Families” ni Pope Francis sa MOA Arena.

The Encounter with the Families

It was really been a great privilege to be one of the representatives of the Diocese of Imus comprising of 100 delegates from different parishes in the whole province of Cavite. Excitement has built up on and on through the days before the event. I am also one of the delegates of the Parish to attend the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization on the theme: “Blesses are you”. But with the trials that we have and experiencing right now especially for all of us as a student, as an OFW, as persons who were afflicted or even a persons who has problems or in the midst of depression; the church tells us that “we are blessed” not for being an insult on us but we are continued to be blessed because we still continue to be with God no matter what we do or what we have done but have accepted us and stayed with us in times especially when we need him.

On my Experience being there with the crowd was different, having that presence of the Holy Spirit being in us while anticipating for the coming of the Holy Father. For security purposes we went through 6 stations of tedious security check before we had gone inside the MOA Arena. We were entertained by prominent performers before the start of the event. We were required to go there inside by 11:00 AM but the Holy Father is still scheduled by 5:30 PM, it was worth the wait; for the whole experience being there, it had shown that The Family really had a great part of our self as a whole and how we experienced Christ.

Tagpo sa isinagawang "Encounter with the Families" ni Pope Francis sa MOA Arena.

Tagpo sa isinagawang “Encounter with the Families” ni Pope Francis sa MOA Arena.

The event has given empasis on how we experience God on the following:

1. Being Laity in the Community, though we are not perfect, God has spoken through us in every challenges or through the Gladness and joy that we experience being as one building the church among us.

2. OFWs, on this even we experience every day being away from our Loved ones, God has always asked us to have Trust, and with the challenges that we encounter on each day that we long for our Loved ones

3. PWDs, on this even we have these differences among other people this shouldn’t be a barrier for us to Serve we could even Lead our community and be great examples

According to Pope Francis, “It is important to dream in the family. All mothers and fathers dream of their sons and daughters in the womb for 9 months. They dream of how they will be. It isn’t possible to have a family without such dreams. When you lose this capacity to dream you lose the capacity to love, the capacity to love is lost” that burning desire spent for the love of each other. According to Pope Francis: “How many solutions are found to family problems if we take time to reflect, if we think of a husband or wife, and we dream about the good qualities they have. Don’t ever lose the memory of when you were boyfriend or girlfriend. That is very important.”

The Family is so important it builds the whole nation, it builds the whole church. The Love of Christ is seen in every Family even through the joy and hurts on every aspect

The Papal Visit is also another challenge for us. For example, we have waited in line just to see the pope or even attended all of the activities. What will we do next? How do we know we have changed or the Papal Visit changed us after seeing the pope, or is it just another waste of time

Mercy and Compassion

Godbless us all.

Drex Legaspi.


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